bringing over 35 years of experience in catalyst-related ENGINE emissions control technologies directly to you - Dr. Gordon j.j. bartley


Reducing harmful pollutants through catalyst-related technologies has been my life's work.  It has been a privilege to work in this fascinating and rewarding field. Now I offer all of my experience and knowledge for the benefit of your organization through Bartley Consulting, LLC
Results-oriented project manager | Expert Witness | Dedicated leader and mentor

Highly experienced in all aspects of internal combustion engine emissions control. Deep understanding of catalysts and catalyst operation. Evaluated wide variety of catalysts and applications, including TWC, EHC, DOC, SCR, AMOx, LNC and LNT. Executed multiple projects simultaneously, from initial discussion, through test plan development and financing, execution and final reporting. Global client network.

Experienced communicator, encouraging teamwork, organization, critical thinking, and creativity. Recognizing that people are the most important assets, and nurturing their talents with care and empathy to obtain the best results.

Expertise in:
Catalyst Performance Testing | Data Interpretation | Physical Characterization | Aging and Durability | Troubleshooting | Education


  • Advised one or more organizations
  • Published a book, article, or paper
  • Networked with other professionals
  • Earned one or more college degrees
  • Served on a board of directors for an organization
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • Considered an authority in a particular field
  • Taught a subject or trade to others
  • Filed one or more patents
  • Considerable experience using technology
  • Received one or more promotions within an organization
  • Endorsed by co-workers or clients
  • Spoken in front of an audience about an area of expertise


  1. -
    CTO, Ecocat India Pvt. Ltd.

    Full time position in India.

    Bartley Consulting, LLC will return upon retirement from Ecocat India. 

  2. -
    Bartley Consulting, LLC, Founder Owner

    Offering consulting services over a wide variety of engine emissions catalyst-related topics.


  3. -
    Principal Scientist, Southwest Research Institute
  4. -
    Staff Scientist, Johnson Matthey


  • R&D
  • catalysis
  • characterization
  • engineering
  • research

Questions & Answers

Why did you choose your profession?
From an early age I knew I wanted to be a Dr. of Chemistry. I was introduced to catalysis while working towards my PhD, and never looked back. After 35 years working with catalysts, I am still amazed at how they work.  I am fortunate to have found my niche so early, and to have been able to work in a field I am so passionate about.
Who are your main influences?
Definitely my high school chemistry teacher Mr. Cowan of the Blue Coat School in Liverpool, UK, and my supervisor at Reading University, Professor Robbie Burch, a giant in the field of catalysis.
Describe your greatest accomplishment.
If greatest is defined as having the most impact on the world, then it would be the development of the thermally stable cerium/zirconium oxygen storage components in gasoline three-way catalysts (TWC) back in the early 90's (SAE Paper 930076). Almost all TWCs in use today use a form of this technology.
More recently, it might be the development of the DAAAC Protocol to generate accelerated aging cycles for diesel aftertreatment systems that are tailored to the system and its application (EMISSIONS 2014). Elements of the Protocol have been used in CARB regulations and EU regulations so far, with EPA adoption imminent.
Today it might be the patented invention of catalyzed DEF for the prevention of deposit build up in urea-SCR systems.
What tools do you use?
I'm somewhat old school. I use Word, Excel and Powerpoint the most.  There are arguably better software packages, but the global acceptance of these standards makes them suitable for use with clients.
Outside of software, I am intimately knowledgeable about synthetic gas reactors, aka model gas reactors, and have a good working knowledge of ovens, burners, bench engines and vehicles testing.   
What are you working on right now?
I am currently full time with Ecocat India Pvt. Ltd. as their CTO. When I retire from Ecocat, I will return to my consulting work, where I have the opportunity to provide value to a range of clients in a very cost-effective manner. I'm also a Director of MEMPRO llc, a nano catalyst company, and a real-estate agent on the side.  As always, I never know what job is waiting for me around the corner, so I never get bored!
What are your long-term goals?
To keep doing what I love to do until I cannot do it anymore. What else is there?
How much do you charge?
Everything is negotiable. Every case is different.  My goal is to be competitively priced such that I can pay my bills, and provide the client with a good value proposition.  Usually this translates to an hourly rate + expenses.  Sometimes it may include other forms of compensation such as stock options or a percentage of future anticipated royalties.
Where do you work?

I can work from my office in San Antonio, and travel to your site as and when appropriate. I am willing and able to travel almost anywhere in the world. 

How do I know if you can assist me with my issue?

You won't know until you ask! I encourage everyone to contact me and tell me what they can about their needs.  If I believe I can help, I will offer my services.  If I do not believe I can help, I will not waste your valuable time. 

Do you offer Expert Witness services
Yes. I aim to be objective whether working for the Prosecution or the Defense, providing evidence-based reports and testimony.


Proudest AccomplishmentS

Thermally durable Ce/Zr TWCs.  The DAAAC Aging Protocol, and catalyzed DEF for deposit reduction

Experience Highlights

  • Catalyst Formulating
    Primary job with Johnson matthey.  some 'tinkering' ever since.
  • Performance Testing
    specialized in small core gas reactor work.  experience up to full size systems.
  • Educating
    many presentations to classes interested in learning about and understanding emissions catalysts
  • 25 Patents
    7,624,628 Monitoring of exhaust gas oxidation catalysts + 24 more
  • 22 publications
    SAE 2015-01-1025 : Identifying Limiters to Low Temperature Catalyst Activity + 21 more
  • Expert Witness
    Provided expert witness services for emissions-related litigation
  • Accelerated Aging & Durability
    developed the daaac protocol.  highly experienced in all aspects of catalyst durability.

Education Highlights

  • PhD Chemistry / Catalysis
    University of Reading, berkshire, uk                         Supervisor - professor robb
  • BSc Chemistry
    university or reading, berkshire, uk
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    Animal Defense League
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    real estate